1st Tracing Board - Extended Lecture

Below are thumbnails for 31 pages involved in the Extended Lecture of the First Degree Tracing Board. The first 20 pages are for printing preferably on light board for the Brethren selected to read the contents. The last eleven pages are for the Conductor as a guide to the procedure between him and the Board Presenter. The lecture takes around 50 minutes and is well worth presenting in any meeting as it contains so much information about the lodge room and its adornments.

1st_tb00.jpg 1st_tb01.jpg 1st_tb02.jpg 1st_tb03.jpg 1st_tb04.jpg 1st_tb05.jpg 1st_tb06.jpg 1st_tb07.jpg 1st_tb08.jpg 1st_tb09.jpg 1st_tb10.jpg 1st_tb11.jpg
1st_tb12.jpg 1st_tb13.jpg 1st_tb14.jpg 1st_tb15.jpg 1st_tb16.jpg 1st_tb17.jpg 1st_tb18.jpg 1st_tb19.jpg 1st_tb20.jpg 1st_tb21.jpg 1st_tb22.jpg 1st_tb23.jpg
1st_tb24.jpg 1st_tb25.jpg 1st_tb26.jpg 1st_tb27.jpg 1st_tb28.jpg 1st_tb29.jpg 1st_tb30.jpg 1st_tb31.jpg

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